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Brent Peak LPC sitting on couch at North Valley Therapy Services LLC in Phoenix Arizona

Brent Peak, LPC

Empowering Resilience Through Emotional and Relational Healing

What if you could begin to experience emotional peace now

…Within yourself and within your relationships…

…And continue to grow in resilience and confidence each day?

I’m Brent Peak, Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of North Valley Therapy Services in Phoenix, Arizona. I provide proven support through ongoing therapy or private weekend intensives to help individuals and couples overcome the most common obstacles to relief from issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as communication and boundary issues in your most important relationships.


“Brent’s really good and a joy to work with…I have deep respect for his clinical skill.”

Pia Mellody

Author of Facing Codependence and
creator of Post Induction Therapy

Pia Mellody

First, let's talk about who I work best with...

sad woman

You’re the right fit to work with me if you’re ready to say goodbye to fruitless quick fixes, poor self-esteem, constant overthinking, and exhausting relationships.

I’m a good fit for you if you’re ready to be compassionately challenged to learn how to love and trust yourself as you transform your life from inner turmoil to inner-empowered peace.

If you are…

  • A survivor of childhood trauma still grappling with deep-seated feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness, or symptoms of depression or anxiety…
  • An unfulfilled partner in a distant relationship that invalidates your feelings, leaving you feeling unseen and undervalued…
  • A chronic people-pleaser who always puts everyone else’s needs ahead of your own as you struggle to assert your boundaries…

You’re in the right place!

I specialize in guiding people like you toward a life of confidence, authenticity, and meaningful connections. I’ll give you the tools, inspiration, and support to create the balance and fulfillment you’re looking for!

Our work together will give you the chance to finally experience…


Experience the profound shift from unfulfilling or one-sided relationships to balanced and reciprocal connections. As you heal and grow, you’ll attract and nurture relationships that respect your worth and mirror your growing self-respect.


Transform from feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges to confidently navigating them. You’ll develop the resilience to face adversities with a calm and centered approach, maintaining your emotional balance even in the face of stress and uncertainty.


Shift from constantly accommodating others to confidently asserting your needs and desires. You’ll learn the art of setting and maintaining boundaries that protect your emotional well-being, allowing for healthier interactions with others.


Move beyond the shadow of low self-worth to embrace a strong, positive self-image. Our work together will guide you in shedding limiting beliefs and embracing your true value.

Trust In

Transition from doubting your decisions and abilities to trusting in your own judgment and capabilities. You’ll discover a deep sense of self-trust, empowering you to make choices that align with your true self and your life’s goals.

"I tried to cope with my trauma by drinking, keeping busy, and being constantly preoccupied with unhealthy habits. My days were filled with constant stress and drama...I had no peace. The best part of our work together was Accelerated Resolution Therapy. This gave me the feeling of having control over my memories, knowing I would never have to relive the horrific scenes of my trauma again. Now, I love my life, and my past issues are just fleeting memories. I frequently recommend Brent's services to first responders, warriors, and anyone who has witnessed or experienced violent trauma. Thank you is all I can say—I’m forever thankful."

But above all else…

Working with me at North Valley Therapy will give you the empowering experience of taking back control over your life. You’ll move from feeling overwhelmed by past or present circumstances to shaping a future where you feel confident, valued, and deeply connected to yourself and others.

successful woman

“I have the utmost confidence in Brent. He works with his clients using some of the best practices available in the field and implements them with gentleness and skill.”

John Parker, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Brent is a deep listener. He has a caring heart, and uses all of his training, his experience, and his compassion to bring the best to his clients.”

Gina Pollard, M.Div.

Pastor & Grief Recovery Specialist

Here’s what you’ll receive when we work together…


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a deep personal understanding of trauma and extensive experience and training with some of the world’s leading experts in trauma and relationships, including Peter Levine, Pia Mellody, and Terry Real.


You’ll experience a blend of expert strategies including Post Induction Therapy, Embodied Trauma Recovery, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, as well as  elements of hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).


Whether in individual or couples therapy, our sessions will be tailored to your unique journey and needs. I will draw from a comprehensive repertoire of evidence-based techniques to give you the best options for your healing and growth.


I offer a holistic approach that integrates mind and body for transformed living. In addition to emotional and relational strategies, we will focus on physiological practices that support emotional well-being and are proven to reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Don’t let finances stop you from reaching your goals!

Although I don’t accept insurance, if finances are the only thing holding you back from real help, I’m thrilled to tell you that payment plans are available for session packages and weekend intensives. Just ask about schedule-now-pay-later options during your free consultation.

You ARE worthy of a transformed life!

In a world where many are struggling with the echoes of childhood trauma or a current relationship of emotional neglect and invalidation, finding the right support is crucial. This is where your journey with me begins.

Now is the time to take a powerful step toward healing. You’re not alone in this – others are seeking the same answers and methods I provide. The moment for change is now, and it’s within your reach.

Maybe you’re hesitant, questioning if real change is possible for you. I’ve been there, too. My approach, rooted in my Embodied Trauma Recovery model, is designed to gently guide you from doubt to empowerment. We’ll navigate this path together, turning your hopes for healing and a better life into tangible outcomes.

This journey is about more than just coping – it’s about thriving. It’s not just for those who have it all together; it’s for anyone willing to embrace their potential for growth and happiness.

A space for transformation awaits you. And I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Embrace this opportunity for healing and self-discovery. I assure you, this decision can be a pivotal point in your life, as it has been for so many other clients of mine.

Brent Peak, LPC

North Valley Therapy Services
21639 N. 12th Avenue, Suite 103
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

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Transform Your Life Today!
It’s time to overcome the barriers holding you back. Embrace your true potential and embark on a journey of transformation and healing.

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