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Help For Life's Most Difficult Moments


Brent A. Peak, MSPC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor



Life is too short to live with overwhelming fear and pain.

We see people who have spent decades dealing with emotional and relational distress, never knowing that many issues might be dealt with in a few weeks or months. In fact, many of our clients find significant relief from their symptoms within 3-5 sessions or one weekend intensive.


Are you ready to find relief from any of these issues and symptoms?


  • excessive worry
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • muscle tension
  • sleep issues
  • panic attacks
  • irrational fears


  • overwhelming emotions
  • sleep difficulties
  • loss of trust
  • anxiety
  • poor self-care


  • despair
  • anxiety
  • emptiness
  • guilt
  • isolation
  • depression


  • nightmares
  • flashbacks
  • insomnia
  • startle response
  • panic attacks

It's your time to heal.

“I have no fear inside me today and actually have laughter in place of what was driving all the fear and anger within.”

Life-Long Change Is Closer Than You Think.

Face life without overwhelming anxiety. Come home to peace and happiness.

Here’s what North Valley Therapy offers you…

Confidence in a Fulfilling Future

Anxiety or depression can make it difficult to believe that life could ever be better. We will show you how to overcome the thoughts and emotions that keep you trapped in fear and sadness.

Healing From Past Trauma

Imagine living free of the emotional chains of PTSD, childhood trauma (Complex PTSD), or grief. We have helped countless people resolve horrific wounds of the past and find lasting healing and hopefulness.

Hope For Happier Relationships

You can learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate with confidence and compassion. We will teach you how to connect with those you love, even when facing hard situations.

We Deliver Compassionate Expertise

“I just wanted to reach out, and say thank you for the empathy, compassion and dedication you have given me and countless others.”

Hi, I’m Brent Peak, the owner of North Valley Therapy Services. I know what it’s like to feel alone in some of the worst moments of life, but I also know what it’s like to get through those moments by reaching out to someone I can trust. Therapy has changed my life, and I am excited to give you that same opportunity.

One of the greatest experiences of my life was to be a primary therapist and family therapist for the world-renowned inpatient program at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare in Wickenburg, Arizona. During my time at the Meadows, I helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life find a way through their darkest moments, which were often accompanied by depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

At the Meadows, I had the honor of being trained in Post Induction Therapy by Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependence. Pia and I co-facilitated therapy groups, and I often had the opportunity to consult with her on difficult cases. I am humbled and proud to have her recommendation:

“I found Brent to be quite skilled at assisting patients in developing insight into their issues…I have deep respect for his clinical skills.” -Pia Mellody

I help individuals, couples, and families at North Valley Therapy Services in north Phoenix, where I use advanced therapy techniques such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy to treat anxiety and PTSD, and Relational Life Therapy to help couples and families. I use Post Induction Therapy to help adults overcome the effects of severe childhood trauma (C-PTSD). I have also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) with Dr. Jennifer Sweeton, Psychodrama with Dr. Tian Dayton, Personality Disorder treatment with Dr. Gregory Lester, and Experiential Therapy at Onsite Workshops.

A Better Future Starts Now...

It’s time for you to be free from the crushing pain and fear that have kept you from healthy relationships and a better life. In order to do that, you need healing and new skills to face life’s most difficult situations, but your pain and fear have been so overwhelming that you don’t see a way forward. We believe you shouldn’t have to be in so much pain, and we understand what it’s like to feel so hopeless. We’ve trained in advanced techniques that have helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families find hope in their darkest moments.

What happens next:

1. Schedule your free consultation call.

In a free phone call, and one of our professionals will listen carefully to your story and explain how we can help.

2. Learn some new skills.

From your first session, you will learn about new resources and skills to face your problems.

3. Expect results.

You will begin to put your new skills into practice and feel hope as you begin to see the impact of your hard work.


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